About us


What We Do

RiceVan is a centralized food distribution platform that specializes in delivering unique restaurant meals and specialty groceries from Center City to suburban communities within a 5-to-60 mile radius. We aim to be your one-stop shop for everything food-related in Center City. By relying on RiceVan, you can free yourself from long-distance driving, traffic jams, parking, and stopp at multiple stores. RiceVan delivers all of your favorites and saves you hours of precious family time.

Our Story

When the COVID-19 pandemic started in early 2020,  our founder’s multiple businesses were devastated. Daniel Tsao operated two successful community newspapers, a digital marketing service, and a well-known restaurant in Center City. They were all threatened. The two newspapers lost over 40 full-page ads in a matter of weeks. The restaurant had to shut down dining services due to COVID restrictions. Overnight, more than 10 full-time jobs were in jeopardy.

Touched by the team’s offer to voluntarily cut their salaries by 40% to help Dan navigate the pandemic, Dan was determined to keep everyone employed. RiceVan is the solution he created to combat the pandemic by saving jobs, saving the newspapers’ restaurant clients, and offering suburban families an opportunity to stay connected to their favorite food without having to drive into the City to eat and shop.

Dan and the original eight key team members he pulled in from his other businesses  possessed many years of experiences in technology, marketing, and hospitality services. RiceVan took off immediately. During the first 9 months, we delivered over 12,000 bags of frozen handcrafted Shanghai dumplings, 1,500 roast ducks, 800 birthday cakes, and 90 tons of fresh produce, acquiring over 2,000 regular customers in the suburbs in this short span.

Dan himself was one of the initial delivery drivers. He still serves as a backup driver on Christmas Eve and every major holiday. Most other team members, previously accustomed to sitting in front of their computers, rolled up their sleeves to pack orders and make deliveries.

Within 10 months, RiceVan has not only helped 30 restaurants and grocery stores sustain operations during the pandemic, but also created 15 full-time jobs and 9 part-time jobs.

Responding to surging demand, RiceVan recently secured an 8,000 square foot warehouse in Center City featuring industrial grade freezing and cooling facilities. We continue forging
new restaurant partnerships each week, expanding the types of cuisine we offer to meet the desires of our increasingly diverse customer base.

RiceVan plans to continue upgrading its logistics, investing in technology, and expanding restaurant and grocery selections to better serve its loyal and growing customers in the post-pandemic period. The pandemic has been tragic and challenging for those in our backyard as well as for people around the world. RiceVan was born out of this crisis. We are proud to have played a role in supporting the local economy, creating jobs, and  meeting the changing needs of the community. We look forward to providing a valued service to families in the neighborhoods who crave their favorite comfort food but would otherwise be unable to access it.