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Premium Service Robot


I inherited the outstanding characteristics of my predecessors. I'm also equipped with superb human interaction capabilities! Featuring innovative bionic design language and multi-modal interactions, I provide customers with a professional and fun experience. Plus, I'm cute.

Industry-exclusive Dual SLAM Solution for Full Coverage in Any Scenario


I support both Laser SLAM and Visual SLAM positioning and navigation. These functions are easy to use. Both provide a customer-centered service.

Design Aesthetics


I have an athletic figure with a tiltable screen. And my height makes interacting with me easy!

3D Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance


I have 3D sensors and a new modular chassis. I can stop at ANY angle and move away as soon as I encounter an obstacle big or small.

Obstacle detection frequency up to


5400 times per minute

Front detection angle up to 193°

Front obstacle detection range exceeds 33ft

Multimodal Interaction

Light Interaction


I display unique light effects for different tasks. This makes my status clear to co-workers.


Touch for Feedback


My new touch interaction offers more comprehensive feedback. My interpersonal skills are amazing!


Smart Expressions


I have dozens of original expressions. My personality is more diverse and my emotional expressions are more sophisticated than some humans!


Infrared Induction Tray

Modular structure for quick disassembly and intelligent infrared induction. A smarter tray for more efficient delivery.

Power Exchange Technology


Charging and usage scenarios are categorized for faster battery replacement. 24/7 operations: a piece of cake for BellaBot.



3* RGBD depth camera provides me with the strongest three-dimensional perception to date. I can accurately detect and stop when encountering obstacles with a response time as short as 0.5 seconds.


Auto-Level Independent Linkage Suspension for Stability


I have auto-level adaptive variable suspension. My damping can be altered according to different floor conditions and driving requirements. My resonance frequency is maintained at an optimal state.




I have adopted a decentralized, flexible ad hoc network communication scheme and algorithm architecture. I can directly communicate with any robot in the same network, and quickly calculate and make decisions. Such design reduces the requirements for the network, reduces a central computing node that requires high computing power, and is closer to the interaction mechanism among people.



I have powerful cloud intelligent service support, enabling smart catering, with specific functions such as: business management platform, automated operation and maintenance platform, scenario data collection platform, and cloud intelligent service platform.

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